Infalible: The new capsule collection by Martina Dorta

Handmade pieces of great artisanal value in which Martina Dorta returns to show off her know how, including for the first time earrings, bracelets and caps.

True to her strong style, Martina Dorta launches a new collection that incorporates earrings and bracelets. Yurena Dorta, creator and director of the firm, has transformed the essence of her headdresses into unique and exclusive earrings and bracelets. These pieces are incorporate as a novelty to a collection in which the headdresses are the protagonists again, maintaining as a base their artisan work of goldsmiths. As each of the design of Martina Dorta it’s exclusive and limited artisan pieces: jewelry and headdresses that are created by hand in the firm’s workshop in Malaga, which means that there are not two in the world.

The pieces are inspired by nature and reflect the style of the firm, maintaining the elegance and modernity that characterizes it. Handmade in bronze, brass and crystals, each of the earrings and bracelets are bathed in gold, creating a three-dimension universe that delves into a world of floral and vegetal compositions. The vintage pieces again have a fundamental role, evoking the jewelry made by the master craftsmen of Paris of the XX century.

As a novelty, Yurena Dorta incorporates headdresses made of natural fabrics such as burlap of silk gauze, used as a base for her goldsmith’s pieces. It expands it’s aesthetic offer with new design for brides looking to make a difference on their big day.

The collection maintains it’s characteristic with a particular style that fuses traditional jewelry with it’s own techniques, creating pieces baded with history always with a vintage air that evokes Art Deco and Nouveau movements. Headpieces, combs and crowns that are flooded with color through gems in a more colorful collection than use.

The new capsule collection it’s now availabe at the atelier in Malaga and like all it’s pieces you can also buy at a distance. Moreover, Yurena Dorta works to measure to get the dreamed headdress.

Martina Dorta once again highlights the importance of artisanal jewelery and the spain brand, resulting in pieces worthy of being passed on from generation to generation.




Headdresses: Martina Dorta
Pictures: Juan Trujillo para 4events
Coordination and styling: Rodolfo Mcartney de Noquiero Agencia.
Dresses: Helena Mareque y Valenzuela
Hairdressing: Rafael Bueno y Moisés Utrera
Makeup: Ariadna Caparrós
Model: Natalia González de +Qmoda Canarias