Our creations come back to parade in the nuptial week of Barcelona acompanying Marco and María.

It’s the tenth time that Marco y Maria have been at The Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week,and for the third consecutive year we have had the pleasure of accompanying their collection with our accessories, this time doing a tribute to traditional sewing.

Tradition and avant garde mix up in pieces that pay tribute to sewing and craft. Pieces that, like the dresses of Marco and Maria, vindicate the work and the care of crafts. All our creaciones are handmade, using artesenal techniques of goldsmithing to give rise to earrings, rings, headdresses and accessories as we could see on the catwalk.

A tribute to the handmade and the dressmakers of yesteryear that takes the form of pin cushions that become the perfect accessory for their dresses. The earrings become protagonists, simulating pins crisscrossed with baroque elements, Art Déco allusions and vegetal creations. The pin becomes a symbol of that tribute which reaches it’s highest point at the closing of the parade with a giant pincushion in the shape of a headdress. The chains are another element to highlight, finding allusions in clear reference to the trimmings of the dresses. The rings aslo become important by splashing color the fingers of the models with allusions to Art Deco and Nouveau.

A creative challenge that meant creating pieces capable of merging with the dresses of the collection, while visually impacting and not losing our own signature. Elements such as brass, copper, crystals and chains give rise to pieces in which a Baroque style is mixed with Art Déco and Nouveau elements without losing sight of the inspiration in traditional sewing.  Each one of the accessories has been worked in golden and old silver color, with a deteriorated asthetics, so that they looked like old pin cushions. The pieces are splashed with color thanks to stones in nude, blue and green. The care for detail is imposed on each piece, creating an effect that plays between the casual and millimete-minded.

 All these elements lead to artisan pieces that put their grain of stand to one of the most anticipated catwalk Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week.

 From our atelier in Malaga we continue working to create pieces as special as those that paraded on April 25 in Barcelona, getting artisan accessories worthy of passing from generation to generation.

Thanks Marco and Maria for your support and trust during these years!

Pictures: Visual Foto

Pictures: Blanco y Caramelo

Pictures: Ochomilimetros