Martina Dorta presents her new collection of headdresses inspired by the passing of the seasons.


The new collection by Martina Dorta is presented at the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week at the Marco y Maria catwalk. The dream of a flower was born on oniric collection full of details and nuances, which is impregnated with the spirit of the canarian designers collection. The dresses are inspired by the poem “Last rose of Summer” by Thomas Moore and, like Martina’s collection narates a travel through the four seasons.

Yurena Dorta, designer and creative director of the firm, invites us to rediscover the four seasons on a travel that takes us from the resurgence of spring to thecoldest winter.

Pieces that lead from the roses and floral motifs of spring, to the golden tones of summer or ocher and copper of autumn, to winter tones with glacial compositions of stars and corals.

The essence of Martina Dorta remains firm, constituting as a base her artisan work of goldsmithing, with pieces made one by one in metal.

The collection is inspired by the jewelry made by the master craftsmen of Paris from the beginning of the 20th century.  Pieces in which leaves flowers, branches, chains, crystals and pearls are the protagonists, incorporating brooches and pieces of ancient and vintage goldsmiths.

It’s thus discovered a three-dimensional universe with a strong aesthetic that delves into a world of floral compositions, vegetables and old pieces that combine to give rise to unique headdresses. Handmade pieces of great artisanal value. From large creations in the form of a tiara to more discreet pieces, Martina Dorta gives us her know-how, introducing touches of color, hanging pieces and unique elements.

The pieces of the collection are already available in his atelier in Malaga and in the regular showrooms that the firm organizes in the spanish geography. Yurena Dorta will attend you personnally, putting at your disposal all her know-how and you tailored service so that you can get the hairddress of yours dreams. Pieces worthy of passing from generation to generation.


HEADDRESSES: Martina Dorta

PICTURES: Alejandra Salido

COORDINATION: Rodolfo Mcartney de NoQuiero

DRESSES: Marco y María

MAKE UP: Marieta Nogueras

MODEL: Natalia Ramírez