Discover the two collections with which Martina Dorta celebrates its fifth anniversary.

The headpiece and accessories firm is turning five and celebrates it with two collections that are inspired by the influence of the moon above the sea and the earth.

Under the name of Earth, Martina Dorta presents the first of her two collections. True to its sophisticated style that resulted in the establishment as a reference firm in our country, Martina Dorta launches a new collection that surprises us with new creations in the form of headpieces, earrings and bracelets.

Yurena Dorta, creator and director of the brand, is inspired by the influence of the moon that shines on the earth to create pieces that reflect nature.The firm, that this year assist for the third time to the VBBFW , make again the assistants fell in love of her design, maintains the characteristic style of the headpieces by transferring its essence to earrings and accessories.

Combining traditional jewelry with its own techniques and always with a vintage touch that evokes the Art Deco y Nouveau movement, Martina Dorta surprises with a collection full of floral and geometrical details.

Just like the modern architecture, geometrical shapes embrace the floral design in a contrast of nature and engineering.

In a tribute to the earth, we discover handmade crowns, combs and headpieces in metal fitted with gems and crystals in transparent colors, plum, fume and green. The earrings and bracelets are bathed in gold and silver, set in stones and crystals. A collection that reflects the connection with the nature and which inspires us to love and care for our planet.

As any of Martina Dorta’s design, these handmade pieces are exclusive and limited. All of her creations are unique jewels created by hand.

 Tierra is now available in its atelier in Málaga and like all of its pieces, they can also be purchased outside of Spain.It should be noted that the firm has sales points inside and outside our borders.

Photo: Deborah Torres
Organization & Stylist: Rodolfo Mcartney de Noquiero Agencia  

Dresses: Rue de Seine     Odet Saüc
Model: Miriam
Make up: Sara Herrera
Hair: Oxi2 peluqueros

Fotos Deborah Torres