To keep your jewelry shiny and perform proper cleaning and care, please follow our recommendations.


• Do not get into the ocean or pools with the jewel, as chlorine, soaps, perfumes, cosmetics and salt and sweat water can accelerate the oxidation of the Metal.
• Avoid direct exposure to artificial light or sunlight for long periods of time.

• It is important to clean the jewels often to maintain their shine and beauty.
• Gold or silver plated jewelry should only be cleaned gently with a microfiber or suede cloth, without applying any liquid or product.
• If you’re not planning on using it for a while, it’s important to clean it before storing it, to remove accumulated grease and sweat from use.

• The metal tends to oxidize when in contact with the oxygen of the air, which is a natural chemical reaction, therefore store the jewel in its box.
• Gold and silver plated pieces are usually more delicate and susceptible to losing color over time, especially if the care indicated in the previous sections is not carried out.

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